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Generators from 12000 watts to 2000 kilowatts

We have been supplying stationary, prime power and mobile generators for industrial, military gsa and high residential applications since 1941! We offer after sale parts and service support for our customers unlike many other suppliers in our business! We have full time parts and service technicians on staff to help our customers with their generator parts and service issues after the sale.

We specialize in diesel power plants and offer natural gas generators too!

We offer a wide range of diesel productsGSA Contract HolderGsa Contract / GSA Schedule


Diesel Generators 12 to 30kW

We offer Kubota powered gensets from 12 to 40kw. These generators can also be trailer mounted and supplied with long run diesel fuel tanks; 24, 48 or 72 hour runtime at full load. In most situations you will not run at full load - typically 60% load so run time will be significantly longer! We also offer supersilent enclosures and aluminum enclosures in situations where rust is a problem. Typical applications for this size range are; farm and high end residential as well as smaller commercial sites. These generators are powered by engines with a well respected engine service network for both Kubota and John Deere in most US cities and small towns. We believe this is a key factor in the selection process of your generator - where can you buy parts and obtain engine service.

30 to 200kW

We offer John Deere and Cummins powered gensets from 50 to 200kW. These industrial standby generators and prime power rated generators fit the conditions to match your unique requirements. Typical applications can vary from large residential to industrial, commercial and military applications. As in the 12-40kW range these engines are well supported with outstanding parts and service support. All our generators are powered by engines which meet or exceed the latest EPA emissions standards. However, for those customers in New York, California and other areas where there are strict air quality management requirements - we suggest you check with your local air quality management board. We can assist you with scrubbers and other emission add ons that will help you meet your local requirements.

225 to 500kW

We offer John Deere, Cummins and Detroit Diesel/MTU Powered generators in this power range. We can offer a wide range of options and accessories - UL2200, NFPA110, redundant systems, mobile or container mounted power stations. We also offer containerized power units which can be dropped on site and operate for an extended period of time. We have a huge number of well qualified component suppliers that provide product or services to allow us to provide a generator that will match the unique requirements you may be faced with; remote fuel tanks coupled with a day tank, service entrance rated automatic transfer switches, remote monitoring of your generator via computer modem on site, remote start and stop operations etc.

600 to 2000kW

This range of diesel generators are powered by Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Cummins and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engines. We offer a wide variety of custom configurations in this range - from mobile container enclosed models to stationary sets with remote radiators. These diesel generator sets meet NFPA 110 and in many cases UL2200! We can order upsized generator ends for motor starting applications as well. This range of product is normally custom designed by the customers electrical engineer. We can assist with your unique requirements.

Trailer Mounted/Mobile 30kVa to 500kVA

We offer super quiet enclosures, sophisticated electronics and controls. These mobile trailer mounted gensets are designed and built for tough contractor jobsite use. They are also a favorite of the US military. You can place the mobile or trailer mounted generators at the job site, connect the load and start it up. Many of these mobile generators can also be used with an automatic transfer switch for standby or backup generators applications. IMPORTANT - all of our mobile generators meet the current EPA mobile emission standards - check carefully before you buy!


We offer diesel engine block heaters, battery chargers, custom built diesel fuel tanks, day tanks with extended run fuel tanks, custom dropover or walk in enclosures with sound reduction levels to meet the strictest requirements.

Other popular options include internet monitoring of genset controls and operation data, paralleling of multiple generators and many other custom options to allow the customer to achieve their unique jobsite needs.

Generator Selection Guide

General guide in the purchase of Standby Generators for Business or Residential use. These are the personal options of the author based on 30 years experience in engine and generator service and sales.

Please see detailed selection and sizing guide here!

When you are considering the purchase of a generator there are some general issues to take into consideration.

The first decision – how much can you spend – will determine whether you are going to purchase an small jobsite type portable generator or a more expensive standby unit.

Diesel Generator Site would recommend a standby generator system with an automatic transfer switch. With the transfer switch – should the electrical power to your home or business become interrupted, your generator will start even if there isn’t anyone on site to initiate the start sequence!

When selecting your permanently installed generator, it should be equipped with these items at a minimum: low oil pressure shutdown, over / under voltage shutdown

Homeowner - occasional outages - budget under $1,000.00

The options in this category are typically rope start gasoline models sold at "big box" stores or online...these units can be plugged directly into your appliances or connected to a manual transfer switch to run selected circuits in your home! We do not offer these products - but when shipping we would suggest you look for; name brand engines, local service and dB or noise levels Be certain to connect your appliances to a surge protector! Most units in this price range will not have "AVR or Automatic Voltage Regulation". Disadvantages of this price range - noisy, no or poor voltage regulation, rope starting a big engine, hassle of hooking up to appliances, no autostart feature. DO NOT OPERATE INDOORS - either place the unit outside (we recommend a lock and cable) or allow sufficient air flow to minimize the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning! Please see these links on generator safety;

Homeowner - occasional outages - budget under $2,500.00

The options in this category add such features as electric start, automatic voltage regulation and better muffler systems to lower noise levels. We do not offer this product - but suggestions would be same as Under $1000.00 section. Disadvantages of this price range - no autostart, small fuel tanks require frequent filling, and engines typically require oil changes at 50 hours of operation.

Homeowner - occasional outages - budget under $5,000.00

Typically in this price range customers will select a natural gas or propane fired generator with "autostart" . The advantage of a natural gas fired unit would require no fueling by owner as with gasoline powered units. automatic starting and stopping controlled by the automatic transfer switch. We do not offer this size. Disadvantages of this selection - high fuel consumption during extended outages, longevity of engines and other components typically 2000 hours. Components typically not rebuildable. We would typically suggest Costco or Amazon for product. Again, be sure the engines offer local parts and service support!

Commercial/Residential Budget over $7,500.00

In this range and above diesel products are offered with many options - supersilent enclosures, aluminum or stainless steel enclosures for weather resistance, trailer mounted units, long run fuel tanks, paralleling units etc. We can customize the offerings to meet your specific requirements.



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